Silesia JUG #13

Algorithmic Trading - More an art than a science

Tomasz Waszczyk

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Who am I and my experience

8 years ago the story has been begun

4 years

Raise Your Hands Session

- How many of You know what FX is?
- Do You have a real account? If so, how many transactions have you made?
- Does automation make sense?
- Results? ;-)

Automation of Wall Street

The goals of the presentation

  • Strong demand on the presentation - many requests.
  • The plan to create crowdfund transaction platform.
  • To inspire and create community in Poland
  • Share my experience with FX, because...

As Albert Einstein said

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Information are important

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One more assumption

HFT != Algo Trading

The presentation is on algo trading but not HFT

Advantages of algo trading

  • No Emotional Storm
  • 24h/5
  • Managing Effective Metrics

Last theoretical slide

Strategy Development Process by Example
Let's play a game

Stop Talking, Start Doing


  • Learn by doing... and earning ;-)


    • Know How
    • Technical difficulties
    • Historical data
    • Amount of possibilities - manage them in tricky way



    The Art of Trading

    The question to the audience

    Talking is beautiful but show me the result

    The result

    There is no shortcuts

    Feedback, please
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